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NSX > BPP > RITMO Carbon Fiber Brake Ducts for NSX

NA2 ABS Conversion


ScienceofSpeed NA2 ABS System Upgrade

The ScienceofSpeed NA2 ABS System Upgrade replaces all ABS components in 1991-99 NSXes updated by Honda in the 2000-05 NSX. The system features a modernized pressure actuator that significantly increases ABS system performance with a much less intrusive brake pedal feedback under actuation. In addition, the new compact modulator decreases system complexity with an integrated unit eliminating the accumulator assembly and reduces weight by approximately 15 lbs.

The older systems are prone to failure and wear in aging NSXes. Updating becomes an obvious choice as the upgrade kit costs less than the components of the 1991-99 NSX.

The system includes pressure actuator module, all hydraulic components include new hard lines, installation hardware, and a custom made electrical harness. This harness allows the new module to interface with the prior system's electrical harness. The complete kit includes an full installation guide with step by step instructions with photos for installation.

This ABS system update is intended for 1991-99 NSX.

The electrical conversion harness (included in the full kit) is available separately for purchase.


bpp-361 & bpp-362 - complete conversion kit includes:
1 modulator assy
1 bracket, modulator
1 valve assy proportioning
1 bracket, proportioning valve
3 rubber, ABS mounting
2 bolt, ABS mounting
1 pipes brake, S
1 pipes brake, T
1 pipes brake, U
1 pipes brake, V
1 pipes brake, W
1 pipes brake, X
1 pipes brake, Y
1 pipes brake, Z
1 clip, brake pipe
1 clip, brake pipe
1 clip, brake pipe
2 nut, M6 hex flange
3 screw, M6x16 hex flange
1 screw, M8x35 hex flange
bpp-361.1 - harness kit included with conversion kit:
1 ABS conversion harness
2 botl, M6x25 hex flange
2 clamp, no. 10 adel
6 zip tie
1 installation guide
LHD & RHD note: Two different kits are sold. Left hand drive (LHD) kits are for NSX with the driver on the left side of the vehicle (US, and most other markets). Right hand drive (RHD) kits are for NSX with the driver on the right side of the vehicle (UK & territories, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong).
1995-99 note: additional relay required for these years (available below).


NSX, 1991-99


ScienceofSpeed NA2 ABS Conversion Uprade (includes harness) for LHD - NSX, 1991-99
[bpp-361]  $2,390.50  
ScienceofSpeed NA2 ABS Conversion Upgrade (includes harness) for RHD - NSX, 1991-99
[bpp-362]  $2,652.00  
ScienceofSpeed NA2 ABS Conversion Electrical Harness - NSX, 1991-99
[bpp-361.1]  $569.00  
ABS system relay - required for 1995-99 applications
[bpp-363]  $36.50