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2000-05 3 BAR
MAP Sensor


ScienceofSpeed 3-Bar MAP Sensor


The standard Honda MAP sensor is capable of reading up to 12 PSI of manifold pressure. Any cars above 12 PSI must upgrade the MAP sensor. The ScienceofSpeed 3-bar MAP sensor is a direct replacement for the factory MAP sensor allowing for accurate intake pressure measurement of up to 26 PSI.

This sensor is unique compared to other sensors in that it uses the factory MAP sensor plug and fits into the factory location. The sensor does not require cutting of any wires.

The lab grade sensor transducer provides a reliable linear voltage response from vacuum to 26 PSI. This sensor allows good resolution for vacuum conditions allowing good idle & drivability.

This sensor is intended to be used with a stand-alone engine management system like the AEM EMS or Hondata K-Pro.

Sensor is supplied with new o-ring for installation. The housing is black.

Please see this page for 2006-09 Honda S2000 MAP sensors.
style A: engine compatibility:
  • S2000, 2000-05

shown installed on S2000 throttle body


S2000, 2000-05

Sensor Setup

AEMEMS.gif (8560 bytes)
Hondata KManager
Sensor Setup
Hondata.gif (17200 bytes)
ScienceofSpeed Factory-Style 3-Bar MAP Pressure Sensor - NSX, all & S2000, 2000-05
[enpp-1211]  $99.00