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engine sleeves


Honda S2000 Engine Sleeves

ScienceofSpeed offers custom ductile iron sleeves with final cylinder bores of 87-89mm. Both open deck flange sleeves and Darton MID sleeves are available.

Sleeving includes block cleaning and preparation, machining out factory sleeves, sleeve installation, pressure check, bore & hone with deck plate, and surfacing of block & front plate.

ScienceofSpeed offers full engine building of high performance forced induction and naturally aspirated engines in our dedicated engine clean room. Please call us with your engine building needs.


S2000, all years
open deck flange sleeve processing, installation, pressure check & surface - S2000, all years
[enpp-841]  $1,995.00  
Darton MID sleeve processing, installation, pressure check & surface - S2000, all years
[enpp-842]  $4,085.00