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NSX > EAP > ScienceofSpeed Exhaust Test Pipes 91-94

high flow
catalytic converters


ScienceofSpeed High Flow Catalytic Converters

High flow direct replacement catalytic converters for the three exhaust year generations, 1991-94, 1995-99, and 2000-05 using high quality federally approved .

T304 stainless steel, TIG welded tubing, converter bodies, and rod. High quality catalytic converter cores are rated for 420+ CFM per catalytic converter, or 840+ CFM total. The factory NSX engine naturally aspirated flows approximately 398 CFM and 675 CFM supercharged & turbocharged at < 9 PSI of manifold pressure.


1991-94 includes required hardware. 1995-2005 reuses existing factory hardware & gaskets. Should not be used in applications where engine is ran excessively rich (<11.2:1 AFR) or damage to converter may occur. Not California CARB certified, for offroad use only.


NSX, 1991-2005


91-94_800.jpg (97981 bytes)
95-05_800.jpg (118555 bytes)
ScienceofSpeed High Flow Catalytic Converter Set - NSX, 1991-94
[eap-1141]  $575.00  
ScienceofSpeed High Flow Catalytic Converter Set - NSX, 1995-99
[eap-1142]  $745.00  
ScienceofSpeed High Flow Catalytic Converter Set - NSX, 2000-05
[eap-1143]  $745.00