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NSX > EPP > H&R Hub Spacers

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H&R Hub Spacers


H&R Hub Spacers


H&R Hub Spacers (left: 5/15mm style, right: 25mm style)

H&R Hub Spacers are placed between the hub's wheel mounting surface and the wheel. The wheel track is increased. This is beneficial for wheel brake clearance, wide body conversion, etc. 5mm, 15mm, and 25mm versions available for the NSX. 5mm and 15mm models include new wheel studs. 25mm hub adaptors have integrated studs (see photo).


H&R 5mm Wheel Spacer Set for NSX - front & rear
[epp-1061]  $132.90  
H&R 15mm Wheel Spacer Set for NSX - front & rear
[epp-1062]  $234.90  
H&R 25mm Wheel Spacer Set for NSX - front & rear
[epp-1063]  $292.40