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NSX > EPP > Okuyama Carbing Shock Tower Support Brace

Okuyama Brace


Okuyama Shock Tower Support Brace

Unlike all existing rear shock tower bars in the market today, the Okuyama Carbing Rear Shock Tower Brace directly links to the rear shock towers.

This direct connection strengthens the chassis, reducing chassis flex.
Existing shock tower bars do not directly link the strut towers, rather, bolt into the upper sub frame assembly, reducing their effectiveness.

You can never have a chassis that is too rigid. Balance and rigidity are two of the driving factors in chassis design. You too can strength the chassis of your NSX with the Okuyama Carbing Rear Shock Tower Bar.
Okuyama Carbing Rear Shock Tower Brace:
Bolt on application. No modification requires. Replaces factory shock tower bar and factory shock tower bar supports. Directly links shock towers.


NSX, all years




Okuyama Rear Shock Tower Brace, NSX 1991-2005 coupe
[epp-1421]  $419.00