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targa shock
tower brace


ScienceofSpeed Targa Shock Tower Support Brace

The factory tubular engine brace found on targa NSXes is not compatible with popular superchargers systems from ScienceofSpeed, Comptech, and CT-Engineering. The ScienceofSpeed Targa Shock Tower Brace replaces the factory brace with a design that allows installation with ScienceofSpeed, Comptech, and CT Engineering supercharger systems. The brace, machined from 6061 aluminum, may also be used on any targa NSX - supercharged or not.

For customers with the ScienceofSpeed Intercooler, which raises the compressor by 1.3", a specially designed brace is available which clears the drive unit of the superchargers. For customers who wish to add an intercooler at a later date, the right side brace is made available separately - and can be added to an existing ScienceofSpeed Targa Shock Tower Brace in the future.

The ScienceofSpeed Targa Shock Tower Brace is available in a black and anodized finish with a stainless steel laser engraved ScienceofSpeed logo tag. The brace is not compatible with the factory engine cover - aftermarket targa engine covers may be used (an optional bracket kit is available for use with aftermarket targa engine covers).

Clear (silver) anodized finish is no longer available - black finish is available.


NSX, 95-05
   targa top only


shocktowerbrace_800.jpg (77955 bytes)

installed_800.jpg (201767 bytes)

installed2_800.jpg (158559 bytes)
badgeclose_800.jpg (60147 bytes)
ScienceofSpeed Targa Shock Tower Brace (black anodize) - NSX, 1995-05 - CALL
[epp-1871-B]  $765.00  
ScienceofSpeed Targa Shock Tower Brace - intercooled - NSX, 1995-2005 - DISCONTINUED
[epp-1872-B]  $845.00  
pop-rod bracket set for aftermarket targa engine covers - NSX, targa
[epp-1873]  $38.50