CT Engineering Closes, ScienceofSpeed Supercharger System discontinued

Comptech has been a mainstay in the NSX aftermarket world since the early nineties. Later relaunched in 2007 as CT-Engineering, the Comptech products, including the popular supercharger system for the NSX, have been made available until last month at which time the company announced it was closing its doors.

Since the late nineties, the Comptech supercharger system for the NSX was a solid choice for dependable power with only minimal maintenance required.  ScienceofSpeed partnered with Comptech to produce a more powerful version of the Comptech supercharger, utilizing a larger 2.1L twin screw supercharger and stand-alone engine management.

ScienceofSpeed has purchased some of the business intellectual property, however, this does not include the components from the supercharger kit. Because these components are no longer available, and the last set of components have been sold, ScienceofSpeed has made the difficult decision to discontinue the ScienceofSpeed Supercharger System. We are pledging to support our customers who have purchased supercharger kits from us for a minimum of five years from purchase date with wear and maintenance items that may be required to keep your system in operation.

The core business was purchased and maybe relaunched in the future by a former employee of Comptech. Best of luck to the team at CT-Engineering in your future endeavors.

For another reliable forced-induction solution for your NSX, check out the ScienceofSpeed Twin Turbocharger System.