KTuner Flash V2 Touch Frequently Asked Questions

How much power does the KTuner Flash V2 produce?
More than 40-60 horsepower depending on fuel used (91-93 octane) with the stage 1 map. For more details, see the product page for dyno results.

Are other components required?
Downpipes are recommended and increase power output by 15-20 horsepower.

How long does the flash process work?
Once setup, maps can be flashed to the ECU in 3-5 minutes.

Does the KTuner Flash V2 need to stay connected to my vehicle?
No. The unit only needs to be connected during flashing, gauge viewing, or datalogging. Once the ECU is flashed, it can be disconnected.

Is the JB4 Tuning Box compatible with the KTuner Flash?
No. The JB4 should be disabled or removed. See instructions included with the KTuner Flash for details.

Does the KTuner Flash V2 remove the diagnostic troubleshooting indicator "check engine lights"?
No. The KTuner Flash V2 does not disable emissions control devices, including oxygen sensors. For motorsports use that require sensors to be disabled, an advanced tuning suite for verified motorsports users will be available in the future.

When will other maps be available (for ethanol or higher octane fuels)?
In the future, additional maps will be available in the KTuner software. Pre-set maps, including ones for race fuel and ethanol fuels, will be available for free when released.