AEM Digital Gauges


AEM Digital Gauges are completely standalone. They do not require external controllers or stand alone engine management computers to function. These are "plug and play" and may be used on a completely stock car or one completely modified. The gauge kit includes the gauge (52mm / 1 1/16" in diameter) as well as a harness and sensor.

Completely digital, these gauges do not require running tubes into the vehicle. The gauges feature a revolutionary design that incorporates the same look and feel of the rest of the AEM digital gauge line up. This design features a precise digital LED read out from the sensor as well as a floating LED indicator that allows quick visual read out.

The gauge kits include black and white faces as well as silver and black bezels to customize the gauge to the look of your car.

The gauges for pressure and temperature also are supplied with individual faces (fuel press. / oil press. / water temp. / oil temp.) so that you can customize the gauge for it's intended purpose.

A nice feature is that these gauges also offer a 5V output signal for any stand alone engine management system to read. This is especially useful with the UEGO / wideband AFR gauge that allows you to feed a wideband 02 sensor signal into a programmable ECU for fuel calibrations.

AEM also offers a gauge that requires use with the AEM EMS stand alone engine management system.


  • fuel / oil pressure gauge, 0-100 PSI
  • (supplied with fuel and oil pressure faces)
  • water / oil temperature gauge, 100-300 F
  • (supplied with water and oil temp faces)
  • boost gauge, -30 inHG - 50 PSI
  • voltmeter gauge
  • UEGO / wideband AFR (air fuel ratio) gauge
AEM Digital Voltmeter Gauge


AEM Digital Boost Pressure (-30~35 PSI) Gauge


AEM Digital Fuel/Oil Pressure Gauge


AEM Digital Water/Oil Temp Gauge


AEM Digital UEGO / Wideband AFR Gauge & Controller


AEM Wideband Failsafe Gauge - universal


AEM Boost Controller Gauge - Universal