AEM Pressure Sensors


Sensor for the measurement of fluid pressure or air pressure.

Available in a variety of pressure ranges (see list below). Available in economical brass (recommended for gauges only) or a ruggedized stainless steel body (recommended for critical engine sensors and any sensors monitored by an engine management system such as fuel pressure and oil pressure).

Pressure sensors must be isolated from vibration, and should not be mounted directly to the engine. See ScienceofSpeed sensor installation kits.

A crimp tool like this is required for terminal-to-wire installation.


  • Sensor
  • Electrical connector & accessories
  • Installation & sensor output information sheet


Pressure range:

  • 0-100 PSIg (recommended for fuel pressure)
  • 0-150 PSIg (recommended for oil pressure)
  • 0-500 PSIg
  • 0-1000 PSIg
  • 0-3 BAR absolute (recommended for MAP sensor)
  • 0-7 BAR absolute (recommended for MAP sensor)

Construction Material:

  • Brass: recommended for gauges only
  • Stainless Steel: more rugged, recommended for any critical sensor that is monitored by an engine management system
AEM Pressure Sensors



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