Aeromotive 340 LPH Fuel Pump & Installation Kit - NSX, 1991-05


The Aeromotive 340 liter per hour (LPH) fuel pump is a popular in-tank fuel pump upgrade for the NSX. The pump flows 340 LPH of fuel at a base pressure of 43.5 PSI at 13.5 volts (an increase of approximately 120% over the factory pump). Utilizing a turbine mechanism, the Aeromotive pump offers high flow and reliable quiet operation.

The Aeromotive 340 LPH fuel pump is a universal design - ScienceofSpeed includes a complete NSX specific installation kit allowing direct replacement of the factory fuel pump and step by step installation instructions from ScienceofSpeed.

Under normal operation (60 PSI & 13.2v), this pump can supply 310 LPH at or 861 cc/min per injector in the NSX engine, which is enough for approx 920 BHP with gasoline fuel. Note: E85 applications will require 30% more capacity.

This fuel pump for example can supply 300 LPH (or 833 cc/min per injector in the NSX engine) which is enough flow for approximately 745 BHP (gasoline) or 575 BHP (E85) based on fuel rail pressure at 60 PSI, fuel pump voltage at 13.5V, and BSFC at .60 (gasoline) or .78 (E85), and injectors at 80% duty cycle. This example is approximate, and should be verified based on the application's specific conditions. See fuel pump comparison graph.

Important note: For applications requiring more than 10 amps of current (see current requirements of this fuel pump below), the factory fuel pump wiring circuit must be upgraded. ScienceofSpeed offers a complete fuel pump power distribution kit shown below.

Aeromotive 340 LPH Fuel Pump & Installation Kit - NSX, 1991-05