500 Supercharged Wheel Horsepower from a NSX!


The ScienceofSpeed TVS 1900 Supercharger is the perfect match to your factory-engined NSX providing 100-140 wheel horsepower. However, designing from scratch allowed ScienceofSpeed to provide a very expandable platform for additional power from the very capable Magnuson TVS 1900 supercharger.

Check out this video, where ScienceofSpeed's General Manager provides a deep dive on the options that easily transform the ScienceofSpeed TVS 1900 and the NSX it's installed on to a 500 wheel horsepower monster!

Here's a run-down on the components installed on the NSX.

  • ScienceofSpeed Stage 2 TVS 1900 Supercharger
    This NSX features the Stage 2 TVS 1900 Supercharger. It includes the included ScienceofSpeed AEM Infinity 506 Engine Management System, dual widebands for each cylinder bank (including the one built in to the Infinity, and an external unit) and the standard ID1050X fuel injectors. To handle the additional power and the additional flow requirements of using FlexFuel - the standard Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump included with the Stage 2 kit has been upgraded to the Walbro 450 LPH fuel pump. The standard UEGO wideband electrical installation kit was also upgraded to the ScienceofSpeed Fuel Pump Accessory kit - this provides power for the high flow fuel pump and external wideband.
  • ScienceofSpeed Liquid Intercooler Kit (option)
    The ScienceofSpeed TVS Supercharger System was designed from the ground up to accept a liquid intercooler while not changing the height of the supercharger (click for a video describing how this works). Providing more than an 80 degree F reduction in charge temperature produces a denser and more powerful intake to the engine. Built exclusively for ScienceofSpeed by C&R Racing in the USA - the optional ScienceofSpeed Liquid Intercooler drops directly into the ScienceofSpeed intake manifold.
  • ScienceofSpeed Liquid Intercooler Installation Kit (option)
    The Liquid Intercooler Installation Kit includes the accessories the cool and circulate coolant between the front of the NSX to the intercooler in the mid-mounted engine bay.
  • ScienceofSpeed 75mm Throttle Body Kit for TVS 1900 Supercharger¬†(option)
    ScienceofSpeed built the TVS Supercharger from the ground up to accept a much larger throttle body. Increasing the factory throttle body from 64mm to 75mm produces a 38% increase in cross-section which reduces the restriction of air before it enters the TVS Supercharger. This produces a 12+ horsepower gain on 8.5 PSI factory engine setups - and an over 25 horsepower gain on 13.2 PSI built engines.
  • ScienceofSpeed FlexFuel Sensor Kit
    If pump 91+ octane gasoline and E85 / FlexFuel will be used - this sensor kit allows the AEM Infinity to automatically and seamlessly adjust performance based on ethanol content in the fuel.
  • 100 PSI fuel pressure sensor & fuel pressure fitting kit
    The ScienceofSpeed AEM Infinity ECU includes a fuel pressure input. This optional sensor greatly improves the capacity of the ECU, and adds additional engine protection in the case of a fuel pump failure.
  • ScienceofSpeed 3 BAR MAP Sensor
    The factory 1.7 BAR MAP sensor is capable of about 10 PSIg. If you're installing a forced induction system on your NSX that will produce in excess of 10 PSIg, an upgraded sensor is a must.
  • ScienceofSpeed "Stage 1" 3.0L Engine
    ScienceofSpeed recommends up to 150 horsepower gains on a factory engine. For more performance, ScienceofSpeed can prepare an engine built to handle more power.
  • ScienceofSpeed Sport 350 Clutch & Flywheel
    Smooth engagement and dependable holding power of the Sport 350 Clutch & Flywheel is the perfect match to this NSX.