failing electrical components in first generation NSX

As the first generation NSX continues to age, failing electronics have become more common.

The most common issue include PGMFI relay, climate control unit, and stereo amplifier unit failure. The typical climate control unit (CCU)  failure symptom is the fan motor only blowing on high and / or the unit no longer powering up. The typical stereo amplifier failure symptom is popping and / or reduced volume from the speakers.

Lately, new electrical component failures are being reported - and include issues with the stereo head unit, instrument cluster, and SRS unit.

The failures in the climate control, stereo amplifier, and recently the stereo, instrument cluster, and SRS units are related to the electrolytic compound leaking from the capacitors. This electrolyte can damage the copper traces on the board as well as well as other components, including processors.

The far majority of climate control & stereo amplifier circuit boards can be repaired. Repairs typically include repairing the traces on the circuit boards, as well as all components that can cause these types of failures.

ScienceofSpeed offers to repair your unit, or, you can take advantage of our core program - where we will send you a core in advance to minimize down time. For more information on our electronic repairs:

On rare occasion, the damaged caused by the capacitors can be too extensive for repair, and ScienceofSpeed will contact you if this is the case. Cars in hot humid climates appear to be more prone to failure.

As always, please contact us to let us know if you have any questions about repairing your NSX electronics!