FAQ: ScienceofSpeed K20C1 Civic Type-R Engine Conversion for 2000-09 S2000


ScienceofSpeed K20C1 Civic Type-R Engine Conversion - S2000, 2000-09
Frequently Asked Questions

• What power and torque does this produce?
The engine is rated for 306 BHP and 295 lbf-ft of torque with 91 octane (at the engine). In ScienceofSpeed’s testing, the engine produces over 300 horsepower and lbf-ft of torque at the wheels with HPD’s fixed-calibration ECU with 91 octane fuel and factory S2000 exhaust muffler and catalytic converter. Much higher output is possible with higher test fuels, including FlexFuel, and turbocharger and engine upgrades. Higher output requires a configurable ECU (a MoTeC M142 based solution is available).

• What is included in the conversion kit?
There are nine major components: engine, engine mounting kit, intake manifold adapter and intake kit, exhaust downpipe kit, transmission adapter & flywheel kit, engine coolant kit, intercooler, fuel system, and engine control package.

• What clutch kit is required?
The ScienceofSpeed transmission adapter and conversion flywheel for the K20C1 is designed to work with any S2000-compatible clutch kit capable of 300+ LBF-FT of torque. ScienceofSpeed recommends the ScienceofSpeed Sport 400 Hybrid Clutch & bearing kit.

• What exhaust is required?
The ScienceofSpeed exhaust downpipe terminates at the factory S2000 exhaust manifold flange position. This makes any catalytic converter and exhaust muffler designed for the S2000 compatible. A catalytic converter designed for turbocharger use is recommended, such as Global Emissions GESI part no. 50025 (2.5", up to approx 400 BHP) or 85030 (3.0", more than 400 BHP).

• I have a 2006-09, what is required for the fuel system?
The fuel system on this year range is returnless (lacks a path for the fuel to return to the tank). ScienceofSpeed offers a partial return conversion kit including all components in the rear of the vehicle to convert the fuel system to a return style. Contact ScienceofSpeed if you already have a return fuel system installed (compatible with ScienceofSpeed return conversion kits enpp-2471 and enpp-2476).

• Does the gearing need to change with the K20C1 engine?
ScienceofSpeed has found the gearing in the S2000 to be ideal for the K20C1 for race tracks where top speed is 130 MPH. The top speed (gear limited) of an AP2 S2000 is 155 with the F22C engine and 130 MPH with K20C1 (due to the 6700 RPM rev limiter). If higher top speeds are required, longer ratio final drive gear sets are available (3.9:1 results in 137 MPH, 3.6:1 results in 149 MPH, 3.3:1 results in 162 MPH).

• Is this compatible with a Right Hand Drive S2000?
At the moment, this kit is only compatible with Left Hand Drive S2000s.

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ScienceofSpeed K20C1 Civic Type-R Engine Conversion - S2000, 2000-09