FAQs: ScienceofSpeed TVS Supercharger System


How does this system compare to the Comptech/CT-Engineering and CT-Engineering based ScienceofSpeed supercharger systems?
ScienceofSpeed partnered with CT-Engineering in 2007 to develop a high-output version of the CT-Engineering System. The CT-Engineering system produces around 80 WHP and the ScienceofSpeed system around 140 WHP using a larger 2.1L unit. CT-Engineering closing its doors in 2018 required ScienceofSpeed to develop the key components from scratch but have allowed improvements most notably in regards to the intake manifold (click here for more technical details). The improved design allows increased flow, reduced pressure fluctuation, and an optional integrated intercooler. Improvements to the belt drive tensioner system, the ability to increase throttle body size, and a more advanced engine management system are other notable improvements.

What horsepower does the system produce?
The system is designed to produce up to 100 horsepower gains on the factory 3.0L and 3.2L engine and more than 175+ horsepower gains on mildly modified engines with supporting modifications (headers, exhaust, & intercooler).

Will the kit be "plug-and-play" or will it require dyno tuning?
It is our intention to offer a "plug-and-play" system that does not require dyno tuning and a full-featured system for modified engines and FlexFuel utilizing programmable engine management. More information regarding the system will be available soon once testing is complete.

What supercharger is used?
The system is based around the Magnuson Twin Vortices Series (TVS) 1900. This is an OEM quality supercharger with twin four lobe rotors featuring advanced noise abatement technology and an internal bypass valve allowing a larger intake manifold and optional integrated intercooler.

Is an intercooler included?
An optional intercooler will be available for higher horsepower applications. The integrated liquid intercooler fits into the new larger intake manifold and does not add any height to the assembly.

Does the kit fit under the factory engine cover?
Despite the larger supercharger used, the intake manifold design allows the ScienceofSpeed TVS supercharger kit to sit in the engine bay at the same height as the CT-Engineering supercharger kit. Fitment should be similar for coupe owners and a solution for NSX-T customers including final details will be announced in the future.

Can I upgrade from a Comptech, CT-Engineering, or ScienceofSpeed Supercharger?
Unfortunately, every component of the design is different. All components were built from the ground-up around the TVS supercharger, so components can not be swapped. That being said, ScienceofSpeed has committed to supporting customers with both Comptech and CT-Engineering-based ScienceofSpeed supercharger kits for a minimum of 5 years from the original purchase date with replacement components for wear items.

Will the system by California CARB exempt?
Due to the cost and complexity of CARB exemption, ScienceofSpeed does not have plans in the near term to apply for California CARB exemption.

What is the cost?
Our goal is to offer a more advanced supercharger system for a similar price to the discontinued supercharger system (which sold for $10,400 for 1991-94 NSX up until 2018).

When will the kit be ready for sale?
The first prototype kit is being installed now and ScienceofSpeed will update this page with availability information as the system is closer to production-ready. Due to delays caused in various supply chains from COVID, the earliest the sale date will be in September.

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