Introducing the Revised with 2017 NSX Catalog

The ScienceofSpeed Team is excited to bring to you our revised website and new catalog for the 2017 Acura NSX!

With over sixteen years of specialization centered on the NSX and S2000 our company has evolved into the premiere provider of high-quality, bespoke performance parts and accessories for these unique vehicles. As part of our commitment to NSX owners we have been working on a heritage program to continue meeting the restoration and repair needs of the first generation NSX, and are excited to extend the same dedication to owners of the 2017 NSX as we welcome them to our family.

ScienceofSpeed has been gearing up over the past three years in anticipation of the new 2017 NSX. Due to the complexity of the new hybrid powertrain, a state of the art all-wheel drive Superflow dynamometer was installed and we've added to our staff an automotive engineer who joins a team of seasoned industry professionals.

ScienceofSpeed began the parts development program for the new NSX earlier this year by first studying the powertrain, engine, and electric motor control units to develop a testing protocol that we shared information about here. Once this was done, we began a parts development program largely prioritized by feedback from customers and our own experiences with the car.

Today, we're happy to unveil our revised website - which includes many improvements recommended by our customers as well as the catalog for the 2017 NSX. The catalog includes twenty new performance and accessory products for the 2017 NSX (check out the catalog here).

The launch of the 2017 NSX catalog is guided by Authentic Performance Enhancement principles.

Authentic Performance Enhancement principles include:

  • A desire to develop components for the 2017 NSX platform that add authentic measurable performance increases.
  • A testing protocol that was developed to accurately measure factory baseline performance.
  • Apply the same protocols to measure performance gains to ScienceofSpeed produced products.
  • To utilizing state of the art measuring tools - including chassis dynamometer, 3D scanning, coordinate measuring, and rapid prototyping machines to test and verify performance and insure that fit and durability meets or exceeds factory standards.

We look forward to continuing to support our first generation NSX & Honda S2000 customers, and to welcoming owners of the second generation NSX!

-- ScienceofSpeed Team

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