ScienceofSpeed AEM Infinity Based Engine Management & Traction Control


ScienceofSpeed offers the best AEM Infinity 506 kit for the S2000 with a plug and play bracket, a wire harness that allows easy and clean installation, and dash control for the 06-09 S2000. Did you also know that we also offer a kit that allows traction control on all S2000 years?

Using the Infinity’s built-in traction control system (which is far superior to the factory 06-09 system) and ScienceofSpeed’s wheel speed converter – you can program smooth traction control – which can be switched on or off with a switch (and the factory switch on the 06-09). You can even use a multi position switch to trim how much traction control you wish to be active.

The ScienceofSpeed Infinity system for 2006-09 even allows control of the factory VSA lamp and traction warning lamp for the ultimate in a clean tidy factory-like installation.

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