ScienceofSpeed to compete in 2012 Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout

ScienceofSpeed has been invited to compete in the 2012 Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout. This year, there's a twist! Entrants must bring street cars to the competition - in addition to the normal road course, autocross, drag race, and dyno session, cars will also be tested for emissions and sound quality.

Tires will also be changed from prior years - this year, the spec tire is the Continental ExtremeContact DW - a 340 treadwear all-season tire. Not something that you'd really ever see used for track use. This will likely be a challenge for drivers to keep the traction to the road - and should make things pretty interesting! We will be competing with our twin turbocharged 92 Acura NSX. The event is at the end of March - preparations are underway to make the event!

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