ScienceofSpeed Announces 2002-05 Style Forged NSX wheels


02 NSX style lightweight die-forged wheels, JWL tested, with modern flush fitment and high-performance features.

The factory wheel offered on 2002-05 NSX are believed to be by many owners the most striking and fitting wheel for the NSX. They are popular to install even on earlier NSXes.

Factory specifications (2002-05 NSX):

17x7.0+55, PCD: 5x114.3, CB: 70.1mm, forged alloy
17x9.0+56, PCD: 5x114.3, CB: 64.1mm, forged alloy

The wheels are die forged and machine finished. Finishes offered include: BMW Silver (standard finish for US market), Washi Grey (optional finish for overseas markets), and Championship White (NSX-R finish). The wheels have an elegant appearance with seven even spokes, graceful arcs, and a slightly more concave rear design compared to the front which helps accentuate the NSX's mid-engined body lines. Typical for factory wheels, where certain standards such as rear spray in wet must be adhered to, the wheels have a conservative width and offset which many find to look "sunk in". A popular modification is to add spacers to space out the wheels 15-25mm giving the wheels a much more "flush" appearance with the fenders.

The factory 2002-05 wheels can be expensive to source on the second-hand market and due to age and use, often have damage or paint defects. New factory wheels sold for over $8,870 retail for the set.

ScienceofSpeed announced today the availability of a 2002-style forged wheel of ScienceofSpeed's design that maintains the elegant spoke design, but with a more modern flush fitment along with high-performance features such as a knurled tire bead seat for improved traction.


  • 17x7.0+40 & 17x9.0+36
  • 17x7.0+40 & 18x9.0+36


  1. BMW Silver
  2. Washi Grey

These sizes are intended to use readily available tires in 215/40-17 and 255/40-17 (or 255/35-18). The tires available range in specification from performance street (Direzza ZIII) to extreme performance street/trackĀ  (Yokohama Advan AD08R, Azenis RT615K+).

The wheels are 3D modeled (renderings are shown above). The wheels do not feature factory trademarks. The wheels clear big brake kits - including Stoptech.

The production cost is very high to commit to a high-quality die-forged wheel to be offered at affordable pricing. Thus, we are relying on the community to provide feedback and commit to pre-order sales to reach a point where the project is economically viable. An initial pre-sale will be offered at discounted pricing with an initial $500 deposit. After a required number of 12 sets are sold, production will start. Depending on when production starts, wheels could be expected in late summer 2019. Retail pricing is $2,500 for a set, with one-time discounted pre-order pricing of $1,920-1,980.

ScienceofSpeed 2002-style Forged Wheels are available for pre-order now.