ScienceofSpeed Unlimited S2000 Project

White. There's a certain understated power and elegance that it possesses. A certain purity and balance as well - perhaps the reason why Honda chose it as the color of its classic F1 cars. Three months ago, ScienceofSpeed began the Unlimited S2000 Project - the construction of our Unlimited Class race car - and this balance was used as our guide. The car was built for NASA TTU / Super Unlimited - essentially unlimited race classes with each car being leveled by a certain power/weight formula.

While built to be competitive, the primary purpose of this car is for the development and testing of a number of new forthcoming products by ScienceofSpeed for the Honda S2000. From powerplant to suspension, each product is being developed and put to the test on this rolling test bench. The products in development are not necessarily only race car parts - but are being tested in the most demanding environment we can think of.

The goal for the car was a curb weight of 2600 lbs (2780 with driver), capable of 500 bhp. With open aerodynamics modifications allowed, J's Racing new Type-GT Aero Kit was selected. This widebody would allow the addition of 10.5" wide wheels and 280mm wide tires. ScienceofSpeed's new prototype TS-MAX twin scroll ball bearing turbocharger system produces 500 bhp and is put down through Ray's new Gram Lights 57Xtreme wheels with Yokohama A005 slick tires. Engine and charge cooling is courtesy of ScienceofSpeed's V-mount intercooler/radiator. Wheel motion control is being handled by a JRZ RS Pro suspension along with ScienceofSpeed's new roll center adjuster, suspension bushings, and toe links in development. In the interior, Race Technology's DASH2, AEM EMS serial interface, and DL1 telemetry unit allows us to monitor and review vehicle performance. A cage, FE86 fire suppression system, and HANS compatible Recaro halo seat and harnesses keep the driver safe.

The car is being featured by Mackin Industries / Rays wheels at this year's SEMA show and can be found in the featured vehicle area in the North Hall of the Las VegasConvention Center this week from Nov 29th – Dec 2nd 2012.

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