USA Spec iPod / iPhone Adaptor


USA Spec adaptor now includes cable that is compatible with both the iPod and iPhone (original and 3G). New price includes cable - others sold online for less do not.
The USA Spec iPod / iPhone adaptor is a simple plug and play adaptor that plugs into the factory CD changer cable to allow your iPod or iPhone to play through the factory stereo system. Unlock the thousands of songs available on these devices making CD changers a thing of the past. In addition, the adaptor also charges your device while connected, allows the iPhone to be used as a speakerphone over the factory stereo system, and allows direct control over the device from the factory "track forward" button.

The USA Spec adaptor also allows an auxiliary input through a pair of RCA cables for non-Apple music players.

Plugs directly into factory stereo unit (easily removed) connector on rear. Includes cable compatible with both iPod and iPhone devices. S2000 specific installation guide with photos included.  Installation disables the factory CD changer.

USA Spec iPod / iPhone adaptor for factory stereo system - S2000, 2004-09