Downforce Front NSX-R Undertray NSX


The Downforce NSX-R Front Bumper Undertray is a direct replica of the factory NSX-R undertray.

The NSX-R Front Bumper Undertray was a component of Honda's aerodynamic package for the NSX-R. Honda designed the performance tuned NSX to increase the performance envelope by designing an aerodynamics package using a technical approach termed "aerodynamically-induced stability". This stability increased vehicle control allowing Honda to tune the suspension more aggressively with less low and medium speed understeer. For a complete technical analysis on the aerodynamics technology employed in the NSX-R.

By reducing frontal lift, the factory was able to increase vertical force on the tires with out significantly increasing drag. Increasing vertical force on the tires has a direct relationship to increased traction and cornering force.

Two versions of the undertray are manufactured. Gen 1 is designed for use with the factory 1991-2001 front bumper. Gen 2 is designed for use with the 2002-2005 factory bumper, or the Downforce replica.

Both versions are available in black gelcoat fiberglass or exposed carbon fiber or carbon kevlar. Kevlar will allow the highest abrasion resistance.

The undertray mounts to existing factory locations and is compatible with the front spoilers.

This part works in conjunction with the front battery undertray and ducted hood to move air up and over the cowl rather than under the car as well as streamlined flow under the vehicle.


  • FRP
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Carbon Kevlar

Both year ranges avail.

Downforce Front NSX-R Undertray NSX



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