Downforce NSX-R DF-R Rear Spoiler (FRP) - NSX, 1991-05 (DF-AAA310FB)


Molded from the actual NA2 NSX-R spoiler produced by Honda through wind tunnel testing to increase aerodynamic performance. The Downforce NSX-R spoiler features the one of the best fit and finish of all the rear spoiler options we offer.

The spoiler retains the same factory subtle aerofoil arch that compliments the rear of the car and integrates into the lines of the car as a factory part should.

The Downforce NSX-R rear spoiler is further improved by decreasing the gap between the spoiler and quarter panel that even the factory spoiler presents. The spoiler flanges to the trunk lid following the trunk lid's design and lines even better than the factory spoiler.

The spoiler is available in FRP and carbon fiber construction. The FRP spoiler is meant to be painted. We offer this spoiler painted in Berlina Black (the factory NSX-R color)

The carbon fiber construction option features full carbon fiber construction with the carbon fiber weave visible. The lay up of the carbon weave is one of the most impressive we have seen on such a complex part (6 pieces are individually made to produce these spoilers). The spoiler is then clear coated for improved UV resistance.

Installation is simple and a matter of removing 6 fasteners easily accomplished in 5 minutes.

Note: Spoiler with 3rd LED brake lamp is required for public street use.


3rd LED brake lamp: LED brake lamp is integrated into rear spoiler with the same shape and design as the factory NSX-R spoiler. 3rd brake lamps are required for use on street cars. This option must be ordered with the spoiler - it can not be added later.

NSX-R decals: red and white "NSX-R" vinyl decals can be applied to spoiler stands to complete the look of the factory piece.

Downforce NSX-R DF-R Rear Spoiler (FRP) - NSX, 1991-05 (DF-AAA310FB)



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