ScienceofSpeed Accusump Oil Accumulator


Severe engine damage due to oil starvation at the track during high G cornering is the number one cause for engine repair at our shop. This oil accumulator system reduces the chance of oil starvation to engine bearings by keeping a store of pressurized oil that can be injected into the engine in the case that the oil pick up runs dry. This pressurized oil then refills into the chamber once the NSX regains normal oil pressure.


Accusump filling


In addition to adding a safety margin against oil starvation, the system also provides pre-oiling during start up to prevent metal-on-metal contact during start up of the engine. This is a standard method used to safe-guard against engine damage in nearly every race car built with out a dry sump oil system. ScienceofSpeed has designed a system to offer a drop-in solution for cars used both on the street and track. 


Accusump discharging


The system utilizes an effective electronic valve and sensor design. When the car is first powered on, the sensor detects the lack of oil pressure, and opens the valve to pre-oil the engine before the starter motor fires the engine allowing the engine to produce oil pressure on it's own. Once the engine is up to regular oil pressure, the valve is then allowed to replenish the canister with oil. Then, at any time where the engine experiences oil starvation, the sensor will then cause the valve to open, and release pressurized oil into the engine. Once the oil pressure again returns to normal running condition, the oil canister again refills itself. During racing and hard driving conditions, this cycle will continue automatically discharging and refilling as you corner, accelerate, and brake. The system injects oil into the car at a unique point for the NSX using the factory's oil adaptor banjo bolt. Using a specialized banjo bolt with injection port, the oil can be injected at the most critical point of the engine as oil leads into the crankshaft for system lubrication.

Important Ordering Note: The ScienceofSpeed Accusump Oil Accumulator System is sold as a stand alone kit or may be installed with the ScienceofSpeed Oil Cooler System. If used together, the components used differ. If the oil cooler will be installed at the same time as the Accusump, please order either enpp-963 or enpp-964 rather than the two separately.


  • System includes the oil accumulator, all plumbing, and electrical components required for a direct drop-in solution.
ScienceofSpeed Accusump System (3-qt) - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed Accusump System (3-qt) & Oil Cooler System - NSX, 1991-05