gaugeART Video Gauge Adapter


The gaugeART Video Gauge Adapter displays fully customizable real time video gauges on any display with a video input (including in-dash navigation systems). Compatible with popular ECUs including AEM EMS & Infinity, Haltech, and ProEFI. Select from pre-made gauge designs included or create your own using the innovative web-based gaugeDesigner. Round, bar, and digital graphs can be created to display nearly any information from the ECU including engine & vehicle speed, boost, air & coolant temperature.

Additionally, fuel pressure, oil temperature, and oil pressure can be viewed by adding these temperature or pressure sensors to the ECU. FlexFuel content can be viewed with FlexFuel sensor.

Two gaugeART Serial Video Gauge Adapters are available for Serial or CAN Bus ECUs. Older AEM EMS Series 1 (part numbers 30-1001 and 30-1042) use gaugeART Serial and AEM EMS Series 2 may use either the Serial or CAN Bus gaugeART (CAN bus offers slightly faster screen display).


  • compatible ECU (shown below)
  • video display with available video input (VGA is native, a composite or HDMI input may also be used with an appropriate converter. Click this for detailed information on recommended displays and converters.)

gaugeART Serial Video Gauge Adapter compatibility:

gaugeART CAN Bus Video Gauge Adapter compatibility:


  • for displays with a composite input, a VGA to composite adapter is available
gaugeART CAN Bus Video Gauge Adapter


gaugeART VGA to Composite Video Converter