complete M/T transmission rebuild kit


Complete rebuild kit for all 5-spd and 6-spd manual transmission (M/T) NSX including all parts that ScienceofSpeed replaces in our 5-spd transmission and 6-spd transmission rebuild program. Includes every bearing, syncronizer, o-ring, oil seals, snap ring, shaft nut, and a new tube of Hondabond for sealing case halves.

available rebuild kits:

  • 1991-96 M/T 5-spd
  • 1997-99 & 2004-05 (E61) M/T 6-spd
  • 2000-03 (A61) M/T 6-spd

Has your NSX 5-spd transmission experienced snap-ring failure? The transmission housing case half is available separately. Replacing the case half and snap ring included in the rebuild kit replaces the defective parts that lead and result in snap-ring failure.

NSX M/T 5-spd Transmission Rebuild Kit - NSX, 5-spd M/T 1991-96


NSX M/T 6-spd (E61) Transmission Rebuild Kit - NSX, 6-spd M/T 1997-99, 2004-05


NSX M/T 6-spd (A61) Transmission Rebuild Kit - NSX, 6-spd M/T 2000-03


Genuine Honda 5-spd Transmission Case Half - NSX, 5-spd M/T