Honda NSX-R Steering Wheel Hub Adapter - NSX, 1991-05


The Honda NSX-R is Honda's racetrack-tuned NSX sold in the Japanese market. A special steering wheel wheel and steering hub adapter is supplied with a lighter mass & smaller diameter steering wheel that increases feedback and steering precision.

This steering hub allows most aftermarket steering wheels with a 6 hole bolting pattern to be mounted (MOMO, Sparco, OMP, etc.)

The NSX-R steering hub is not compatible with the factory SRS cable reel (cruise control is deleted from the NSX-R), which provides the electrical connection between the cruise control and horn switches. A circuit that makes contact with the brass plate on the back of the steering hub adapter must be fabricated to provide an electrical connection to active the horn.

This product requires removal of the SRS air bag assembly. It is designed for OFF ROAD RACING USE ONLY.

Honda NSX-R Steering Wheel Hub Adapter - NSX, 1991-05