Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors


High performance linear response saturated (high impedance) fuel injector. Well regarded for having unparalled low pulse width linearity, accuracy, and recovery time - resulting in factory like idle quality - unusual for such large injectors. Injectors are batch matched to +/- 1%% deviation through out the duty cycle range - meaning the injectors are accurate cylinder-cylinder from idle to maximum duty cycle. Engine management and fuel pump required for proper use.

Available in, 1050x, 1300x, and 1700x cc flow rates. For sizing questions, please contact ScienceofSpeed. New generation injectors have the latest stainless steel construction, and improved internals to provide the best quality, and superior corrosion resistance with gasoline and alcohol (including E85) fuels.

Injectors are sold separately and are available with splice in connectors, or plug and play connectors for a small additional charge. ScienceofSpeed provides proper fitting hardware and billet aluminum rail adaptor for the specific application included in the price - please specify vehicle year, model, and if the intake manifold is factory or aftermarket.

Connector options:

  • crimp style: cut off factory injector connector, install seal, and crimp on terminal to factory injector wires. Requires terminal crimp tool.
  • solder style: cut off factory injector connector, solder on flying lead to factory injector wires.
  • plug and play style: plug and play, does not require cutting factory connector off (additional cost).

1991-96 NSX (only):
To allow saturated injector, the injector bypass plug is required. 1997-2005 does not require bypass plug.
Sets are a complete set of six injectors and six connectors.

Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors



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