NGK Factory Replacement Spark Plugs


NGK is an original equipment manufacture for the S2000 spark plugs. ScienceofSpeed offers the same spark plug with out the dealer premium price. The factory spark plug for the S2000 is the Laser Platinum No. 7.

Laser Platinum - Factory specified plug. Honda recommends replacement every 60k miles or sooner.

These plugs are pre-gapped at .044". Do not adjust gap.

Iridium IX - For forced induction (supercharged/turbocharged), we recommend the Iridium IX. Use heat range No. 7 for power up to 375 bhp and No. 8 for power in excess of 375 bhp.

Iridium plugs offer increased electrical efficiency with a narrower iridium type electrode.

The primary benefit of this plug is is thermal resistance making it ideal for high horsepower supercharged or turbocharged applications which experience high cylinder temperatures. We recommend inspection / replacement at 30k miles.

Heat range No. 7 pre-gapped at .044" and No. 8 at .032".

Adjust plug gap from factory specification (.044") approximately .004" less for every 50 bhp added. For example: an application adding 150 bhp to the factory 240 bhp would require a .032" gap (.044" - .012").

The spark plugs are sold each. 4 plugs are required for the S2000.

NGK Platinum Spark Plug - S2000, 2000-09 (each)


NGK Iridium IX - No. 7 (forced induction use) - NSX, 1991-05 & S2000, 2000-09


NGK Iridium IX - No. 8 (forced induction use) - NSX, 1991-05 & S2000, 1991-09