Advan GT Premium Forged Wheels - NSX, 2017-on


The Advan GT Premium Wheel is manufactured in Japan by Rays Engineering for Yokohama Wheel. The forging process used by Rays Engineering is the same technology used in Formula One, and is unique to the wheel industry in the use of multiple investment dies to produce the wheel and spoke shape. Compared to other wheel manufactures, which produced forged blanks that then have the wheel face machined, the result is the optimal aluminum grain structure around the lip and spokes for best strength and weight reduction.

The five spoke Advan GT Premium is bold yet elegant featuring a sizeable rear lip and concave spokes that accentuates the body lines of the NSX.

The Advan GT Premium has been built for ScienceofSpeed bespoke to the Second Generation NSX using NSX-specific hub centric bore, bolt center, factory bolt seats, and proper width and offset. The wheels clear the factory Brembo calipers without issue.

The wheel is available in Hyper Black with machined lip, and fully-finished Gloss Black, Titanium Blue, and Gold Metallic. The spokes feature a 3-dimensional machined logo and details.

20x9.0 +47
21x12.0 +45

Recommended tire sizes:
front: 255/30-20 or 265/30-20
rear: 325/25-21 or 325/30-21


  • Bold five-spoke design.
  • Made in Japan with die-forged construction, resulting in optimal strength and weight savings.
  • NSX-specific hub-centric bore, bolt circle, and width/offset.
  • Compatible with factory lug wheel bolts (if used with aftermarket wheel bolts, a 14R seat must be used).


Wheel Finishes

  • Gloss Black
  • Gloss Gold Metallic
  • Gloss Titanium Blue
  • Hyper Black / Machined Lip
    "Hyper Black" is a two-stage finish. A base coat of metallic silver is first applied, then a dark tinted clear coat is applied. The result is a multi-dimensional finish that shifts in shade depending on ambient light.

Center Caps

Center caps are optional, and are available in Black, Gold, Blue, and Hyper Black finishes. Click here for more details.

Advan GT Premium Forged Wheels - NSX, 2017-on



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