Custom Brake Caliper Refinish & Rebuild Service - NSX, 2017-on


Using a high-temperature epoxy powdercoat, ScienceofSpeed offers the Custom Brake Caliper Refinish & Rebuild Service.


Factory calipers, provided by the customer, are expertly disassembled, cleaned, bores plugged, then bead blasted. Calipers are cleaned again, masked, and the base coat is applied. Next, a stencil is applied with the factory NSX logo, and the top coat is applied. This process produces a 3D "dimensional" look for the NSX logo.

Color options include standard black, red, silver, and gold. Logo may be in black, white, or silver. Custom color options are available at cost - please inquire.


The service includes disassembly, cleaning, refinishing, and reassembly. The caliper's piston seals dust boot and caliper seals be replaced with new Brembo-original components at an additional expense. 



Standard finish options include black, red, and gold powdercoat. Custom finishes are available (extra charge applies if the color is not stocked). Please inquire for custom finishes.

Replacement of dust seals is required. Piston seals should be replaced if worn.

Custom Brake Caliper Refinish & Rebuild Service - NSX, 2017-on



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