ScienceofSpeed Rear Hatch Struts - NSX, 2017-on


Have you noticed how difficult the NSX engine bay is to access and show off?

The ScienceofSpeed Stainless Steel Rear Hatch Struts increase the height of the factory hatch by more than a foot to increase access for service and allow you to show off the NSX power plant. Struts are custom made for the Gen 2 NSX and feature stainless steel construction. The brushed stainless steel finish completes the sophisticated look of the NSX engine bay. Factory style locking composite rod ends allow an easy 5 minute installation.


  • Increases lifting range by more than 12" (80.5" total) to improve access and visibility of the NSX engine bay.
  • Stainless steel construction with an attractive brushed finish.
  • Factory-style locking composite rod ends.
  • Easy 5 minute installation.


  • Pair of pre-assembled hatch struts ready for plug-and-play installation.
ScienceofSpeed Rear Hatch Struts - NSX, 2017-on