HRE Forged Wheels - NSX, 2017-on


Combining HRE's experience with bespoke forged wheels with ScienceofSpeed's experience with fitment for the Second Generation NSX results in the best results for our customers.

HRE designs, engineers and manufactures 3-piece and 1-piece forged aluminum alloy wheels for Racing, Performance & Luxury cars and SUVs in their San Diego, California-based, TÜV-approved facility. HRE’s built-to-order wheel sets offer a customized choice of offsets, widths and finishes, resulting in a uniquely personal style and performance solution for each customer’s application.

HRE Forged Wheel Series (1-piece)

The ultimate in lightweight high-strength design. HRE Forged 1-piece, or monoblock series, is produced from a single forging. 

Click here for available 1-piece forged wheels.

HRE Forged Wheel Series (3-piece)

The modular 3-piece design offers flexibility in design including a pronounced lip. 3-piece designs are available from HRE with both modern and classic designs with exposed or hidden fasteners. The modular design allows polished or other unique finished on the lip with contrasting or matched finishes.

Click here for available 3-piece forged wheels.

Wheel design preferences are a very personal choice. Luckily, HRE offers the best selection of designs from modern to classic to fit your preference. However, if you're interested in knowing our favorites, here are ScienceofSpeed's top five:



  • 19x9.0 / 20x12.0
  • 20.x9.0 / 21x12.0

Wheel Finishes

  • Standard Powdercoat
  • Brushed & Gloss Clear or Tinted Powdercoat
  • Brushed & Satin Clear or Tinted Powdercoat (including "frozen" finish)

Center Caps

  • Standard (Red / White / Blue)
  • Standard (Silver / Black)
  • Billet Aluminum (can be color-matched to the wheel)
  • Carbon Fiber
HRE Forged Wheels - NSX, 2017-on



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