ScienceofSpeed Wide Track Wheel Spacers - NSX, 2017-on


Eliminate the "tucked in" look of your factory wheels.

Increasing the wheel track gives a more aggressive flush appearance to the factory wheels. Unique to ScienceofSpeed - these increased track wheel spacers are hub-centric to the 2017 NSX factory hub bore, and bolt to the hub to insure the spacer remains on center and eases wheel installation. The ScienceofSpeed Wide Track Wheel Spacer stays in place when you remove your wheels! The factory retaining bolts and brake rotor removal bores are retained.

ScienceofSpeed offers Wheel Track Spacers in 10mm and 20mm widths. This allows two options:

  • option 1: leave front wheel as is, install only the 10mm set in the rear.
  • option 2 (ScienceofSpeed recommended): install 10mm in front and 20mm in rear.

ScienceofSpeed Wide Track Wheel Spacers were designed through 3D scanning and by coordinate measuring the factory brake rotor and hub to insure precision fitment. The Wide Track Wheel Spacers are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum billet and the kit includes spacers, mounting bolts, and proper length factory-style extended wheel bolts with specialized factory-recommended wheel bolt floating washers. Wheel bolts are cold-forged in Germany and Dacromet coated for corrosion resistance.


  • Precision designed by 3D scanning factory mating parts.
  • Simple bolt-on installation.
  • Hub-centric and bolt-pattern made specific for the NSX.
  • Fastens to hub allowing simple installation.
  • Factory style wheel bolts designed for factory wheels with factory recommended floating washers. German made high strength steel with Dacromet coating for corrosion resistance.


  • Pair of spacers, CNC machined from 6061 aluminum billet
  • extended wheel bolts
  • fastening bolts


  • Wheel Bolt Caps: Factory wheel bolt caps are not compatible with included wheel bolts. Optional push-on caps are available. Caps are black and include removal tool. 20 pieces included for all four wheels.
ScienceofSpeed Wide Track Wheel Spacer Kit (10mm, pair) - NSX, 2017-on


ScienceofSpeed Wide Track Wheel Spacer Kit (20mm, pair) - NSX, 2017-on


ScienceofSpeed Wheel Bolt Caps, Black (set of 20) - NSX, 2017-on