ScienceofSpeed Sport Valved Exhaust - NSX, 2017-on


The ScienceofSpeed Sport Valved Exhaust offers increased performance & sound from the Second Generation NSX while maintaining the factory mode control electronic valve system.

By analyzing the factory exhaust system, ScienceofSpeed has been able to make key changes to the exhaust system's flow path to improve engine exhaust flow and sound. Improvements were made to both the downpipe/muffler flange joint, and most notably, an improved larger valve design. To make a significant improvement in flow, new exhaust valves were required. Unique to ScienceofSpeed - these valves were designed exclusively for the second generation NSX to allow the factory mode control electronic valves to be used while allowing increased performance and flow. By optimizing the valve design first in CAD, ScienceofSpeed was able to produce a valved exhaust design that produces similar performance gains even compared to the valve delete model. Overall, weight has been reduced by 5.8 lbs.

The ScienceofSpeed Sport Valved Exhaust improves sound in both Sport and Sport+/Track mode and allows the driver to enjoy either a tame or wild sounding NSX! Using the mode control switch, choose between a quiet subued exhaust note in Sport mode or switch to Sport+/Track mode and have increased engine and turbocharger sound with a louder and deeper exhaust with the "pops" and "gurgles" from the performance NSX engine during downshifts.

The ScienceofSpeed Sport Valved Exhaust is available with twin or quad tip options including stainless or dry carbon sleeve options.

Note: to change the exhaust sound from the second generation NSX, the downpipes create the largest difference in sound output. ScienceofSpeed recommends using this product with the ScienceofSpeed Sport Downpipe Set. There will minimal sound difference if only this exhaust is used.


  • Full US-sourced 304 stainless steel construction including tubing and CNC machined flanges.
  • ScienceofSpeed-designed exhaust valves: CNC machined from 304 stainless steel billet. Allows the factory mode control electric motors to be used.
  • No modification of factory exhaust muffler required.
  • Retains all three factory heat shields - critical design feature due to proximity of exhaust components to heat sensitive plastic panels and electrical components.
  • Compatible & recommended to be used with ScienceofSpeed Sport Downpipe Set.
  • Optimized flow path for sound & performance.
  • Dynamometer tested & validated.
  • Dry carbon fiber exhaust tips look more aggressive in factory exhaust finisher.


Exhaust tip options:

  • Twin Dry Carbon
  • Twin Double Wall Stainless Steel
  • Quad Double Wall Stainless Steel
  • Quad Dry Carbon

ScienceofSpeed Sport Valved Exhaust - NSX, 2017-on



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