ScienceofSpeed Valve-tronic Sport Exhaust - NSX, 2017-on


The ScienceofSpeed Sport Valved Exhaust offers increased performance & sound from the Second Generation NSX while maintaining the factory mode control electronic valve system.

The factory exhaust sound note on the NSX is conservative. The exhaust note is changed with the "Mode Control" switch which changes the exhaust path in the exhaust muffler section with electronically controlled valves. Even in the louder "Sport+" setting, many owners find the note to be too tame. The most significant change in exhaust tone on the second generation NSX comes from replacing the restrictive factory downpipes with the ScienceofSpeed Sport Downpipes. Replacing the downpipes and retaining the factory muffler section makes a profound improvement in the sound of the NSX. For customers looking for an additional increase in sound volume - ScienceofSpeed offers two exhaust options - a valved (Mode Control changes the exhaust note) and valve-delete model (the exhaust note is the same in all modes). The ScienceofSpeed Valve-tronic Sport Exhaust retains the factory exhaust actuator design to allow the Mode Control switch to continue to function.


  • Full US-sourced 304 stainless steel construction including tubing and CNC machined flanges.
  • Specially tuned mufflers with high-temperature packing eliminates all cabin drone while maximizing flow.
  • Mode control valves: allows the factory mode control switch to be used.
  • No modification of factory exhaust muffler required - new electronic actuators are included.
  • Distinctive primary and secondary dlash-cut tips designed for the factory exhaust finisher.
  • Retains all three factory heat shields - critical design feature due to proximity of exhaust components to heat-sensitive plastic panels and electrical components.
  • Compatible & recommended to be used with ScienceofSpeed Sport Downpipe Set (very little sound difference will result when used with the factory downpipes).
  • An optimized flow path for sound & performance.
  • Dynamometer tested & validated.

ScienceofSpeed Valve-tronic Sport Exhaust - NSX, 2017-on



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