NSX-R Front Chassis Reinforcement Bars


The NSX-R is a special factory-tuned performance model offered for sale in Japan. The 2002 NSX-R features two chassis strengthening reinforcement bars at the tips of the front frame rails.

These chassis bars increase structural rigidity increasing handling sharpness and response. Designed to eliminate dynamic toe change during aggressive driving.

The NSX-R chassis bars are one of the most cost effective and dramatic handling improvements that can be made for your NSX.

Two bars are available. Both bars use existing bolt locations on the chassis.

The "front lower" bar installs under the car right above the battery tray. The "front top" bar installs right in front of the radiator.

Minor modification including trimming of the plastic radiator shroud required for installation. Some larger aftermarket sway bars will need spacers in order to clear the chassis bars.

ScienceofSpeed end brackets for the front top bar eliminates the need to cut the tie-down hooks or remove them all together. This allows the bar to fit properly on a standard NSX!  It also retains the tie down hooks for proper shipment and transportation of your NSX.

Honda JDM Front Lower NSX-R Lower Chassis Reinforcement Bar


Honda NSX-R Front Upper Chassis Bar & Bracket Kit - NSX, 1991-05


satin black powdercoat option for front upper chassis brace (epp-562)