Exedy Twin Organic 425 Clutch & Flywheel - NSX, 1991-96 (1997-05 require modification)


Exedy Corporation in Japan was the original supplier for the twin disc clutch & flywheel found in the 1991-96 NSX. This clutch & flywheel kit is a more aggressive version of the original clutch featuring several innovations that makes the clutch easier to install than the original design.

SciencefSpeed has partnered with Exedy to produce a complete installation kit. The kit offered by ScienceofSpeed includes spacers that allow the release bearing to be easily installed into the pressure plate. This installation kit is not provided by other vendors.

The clutch features twin organic faced discs with sprung hubs and a strap driven center mid plate. A heavy duty pressure plate is used that increases clamp load to support up to 425 lb/ft (575 N/m) at the wheels (depending on the engine/turbocharger configuration, this is approximately 500-525 horsepower at the wheels). The use of twin discs increases the total surface area which allows a less aggressive disc lining to be used while still allowing relatively high torque capacity.

1997-2005 6-spd customers: Please note - this clutch is designed for transmissions with twin splined input shafts. To install this clutch, the 6-spd NA2 NSX-R double splined input shaft is required.


  • twin 200mm organic disc design allows smooth engagement while enabling 425 lb/ft torque (approximately 500-525 horsepower) capacity at the wheels
  • forged chromoly flywheel
  • pedal effort increases by a moderate 20%
  • 29.4 lb complete assembly weight
  • strap driven pressure plate and center plate eliminate "rattling" when the clutch pedal is depressed
  • Please see the ScienceofSpeed Clutch Comparison Guide.


  • twin organic clutch & flywheel kit
  • installation kit (bearings, flywheel bolts, & alignment tool) sold separately
  • ScienceofSpeed English-language instructions
  • ScienceofSpeed bearing installation tool kit


The Exedy installation kit (dpp-832) is sold separately. It includes the release bearing, pilot bearing, installation tool, and flywheel bolts).
Exedy Twin Organic 425 Clutch & Flywheel - NSX, 1991-05 (1997-05 required modification)


clutch installation kit (release bearing, pilot bearing, installation tool, flywheel bolts) - NSX, 1991-05