ScienceofSpeed Sport 500 Hybrid Clutch & Flywheel


design & drivability:

The ScienceofSpeed Sport 500 Clutch & Flywheel utilizes an all new hybrid disc with a combination of full faced organic friction liner on the pressure plate and ceramic friction liner on the flywheel side. The combination results in relatively smooth engagement while the increased clamp load results in high power & torque capacity. This clutch may be driven on the street as well as the circuit track, but hard high RPM drag launches are not recommended.

The ScienceofSpeed Sport 500 Hybrid Clutch & Flywheel Kit is rated for up to 500 lb/ft at the engine (approximately 550-600 horsepower at the wheels depending on the engine/turbocharger configuration).

Including a light flywheel, the ScienceofSpeed Sport 500 Clutch & Flywheel reduces the rotating weight by 11.5 lbs compared to the 1991-96 factory clutch assembly and 19.5 lbs compared to the 1997-2005 factory clutch assembly.

premium quality:
The ScienceofSpeed Sport Clutch & Flywheel Kit consists of premium components manufactured in Japan by Honda's original parts supplier as well as components built in the USA. Other similar clutches from other manufactures use pressure plate and clutch discs made overseas that vary in quality and consistency. Only the most premium components are used in this clutch & flywheel kit. Each clutch and flywheel assembly is individually assembled, tested, then dynamically balanced. The pressure plate is keyed into location so that it may only be installed the correct way.

High quality does not come at a high price. The ScienceofSpeed Sport 400 Hybrid Clutch & Flywheel Kit is a complete package including everything required for installation: high quality OEM release and pilot bearings, clutch disc alignment tool, and ScienceofSpeed Clutch Damper & Hose Kit.


  • Ultimate clutch & flywheel kit for the high powered street/track turbocharged NSX with smooth drivability.
  • New hybrid disc with organic friction liner on one side and ceramic friction liner on the other.
  • Marcel compliance spring between surfaces and sprung hub allows high power and torque capacity with smooth engagement.
  • Relatively light pedal effort (only 10% greater than factory).
  • Includes new OEM flywheel bolts.
  • Capable of up to 500 lbf/ft at the wheels (approximately 575-600 whp).
  • Not intended for drag racing, where hard clutch drops may damage the disc.
  • Please see the ScienceofSpeed Clutch Comparison Guide.
ScienceofSpeed Sport 500 Hybrid Clutch & Flywheel Kit (includes bearings) - NSX, 1991-05