OS Giken SuperLock Differential


The innovative OS Giken Limited Slip Differential combines the advantages of a helical gear type differential with a clutch pack differential. Maximum torque can be transferred to a corner's inside wheel increasing traction and cornering speed. The OS Giken's patented locking mechanism allows the differential to smoothly transfer to full locking performance with throttle application.

The OS Giken LSD is manufactured using the highest quality materials and technology. A 28 clutch pack with large friction discs allows smooth power transfer resulting in a balanced chassis. Transfering load from the clutch packs, the patented locking mechanism allows the differential to be able to transmit maximum power with minimal power loss caused by heat.

This unique system allows the OS Giken differential to maximize performance and still offer smooth performance during normal driving. Differential gears are hot forged which improves strength and allows miniaturization allowing larger clutch friction discs to be used for maximum torque holding capability.

The OS Giken differential is available in the shorter 4.44:1 final drive ratio.Naturally aspirated NSX owners will prefer the acceleration offered by the 4.44:1 ratio.

The 4.44:1 ratio differential includes ring gear, countershaft, and oil gear.

The OS Giken LSD and final drive is compatible with only 5-spd and will not affect the EPS system on EPS equipped (1995-1996) NSX.

Differential is available in 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 way configuration. 1.5 way offers the best performance for street and track use.

Please note: The 4.44:1 ratio has been tested with the factory electronic power steering system found on 1995-1996 NSX.

OS Giken SuperLock Differential & complete 4.44:1 final drive gearset - NSX, 5-spd