ScienceofSpeed 6-spd Transmission Rebuild


The NSX transaxle transmission is a brilliant component of the NSX. With use, the syncronizers, bearings, and seals degrade. Worn syncros cause grinding during shifting (as the syncro no longer can match the speed between the input shaft and countershaft), worn bearings cause noise and vibration, and seals result in fluid leaks. It is especially important to not continue to drive as the gears become difficult to engage as prolonged wear will cause gear damage. Typically, a NSX transmission typically requires an overhaul around 80-120,000 miles depending on use.

ScienceofSpeed disassembles, inspects, cleans, and measures components. All wear components (syncros, hubs, bearings, spring rings, snap rings, and oil seals) are replaced with new. During assembly, tolerances are measured, and factory specified parameters such as break-away torque is measured and adjusted.

For customers with existing 6-spd transmissions, ScienceofSpeed offers the Honda NA2 NSX-R Input Shaft for 6-spd transmissions. This allows a twin-spline clutch to be installed with a 6-spd transmission original equipped to be installed with a single disc clutch. There is no charge for installing the shaft when a 6-spd transmission is rebuilt by ScienceofSpeed.

core exchange program:
A core exchange program is not available for the 6-spd transmission.

NSX 6-spd M/T (E61) - full blueprinted rebuild - NSX, 1997-99 & 2004-05


NSX 6-spd M/T (A61) - full blueprinted rebuild - NSX, 2000-03


labor to disassemble transmission and input shaft - rebuild with new twin spline input shaft