ScienceofSpeed Endura Lite Exhaust


The ScienceofSpeed Endura Lite Exhaust provides what NSX owners want most: a high performance, light weight system, with an exotic deep pitch.

We have made several key improvements over comparable designs available before today:

One of the major improvements over comparable exhausts is the use if heat tempered ceramic wool. Other systems use less expensive fiberglass wool which we have found with time disintegrates and does not hold up to the heat of forced induction systems. The system is manufactured from full stainless steel components including every flange, pipe, canister, and tip. The pipes are mandrel bent and hand TIG welded. The exhaust is produced in the USA where we can guarantee material quality and workmanship consistency. This is the only exhaust that we recommend for use with forced induction.

We also addressed a common complaint with other comparable exhaust systems by reducing the drone associated with high performance small muffler designs. The density of packing material was increased and a tubing wall thickness was selected that reduced resonance as much as possible.

By using carefully manufactured jigs built from the factory exhaust, we are able to guarantee fitment. Both flange fitment and tip fitment in the rear valence has been improved over comparable designs. In addition, our flange design is also unique in its slotted design. While more expensive to produce, this eases installation due to variance in various aftermarket header designs.

The system uses a unique cross over chamber that allows the exhaust pulses entering from the front and rear cylinder banks to equalize with out turbulence from an X or H pipe. The exhaust uses 60mm piping to maximize flow.

The system produces an exotic baritone pitch that adds a unique sound to the NSX enhancing its exotic nature. After more than a year of research and development, we're excited to release an exhaust that we feel is at the pinnacle of design, materials, and workmanship for the NSX.

spec sheet

weight 25.8 lbs (1991-1994)
piping size 60mm (2 3/8")
design 2 in, 2 out with equalization chamber


ScienceofSpeed Endura-Lite Exhaust System - NSX, 1991-96


ScienceofSpeed Endura-Lite Exhaust System - NSX, 1997-99


ScienceofSpeed Endura-Lite Exhaust System - NSX, 2000-05