ScienceofSpeed Advanced Exhaust Header System


The ScienceofSpeed Advanced Exhaust Headers are the result of years of testing to develop the highest performing exhaust header for the NSX using superior materials and craftsmanship at a reasonable price.

designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA:
The NSX transversely mounted engine produces a number of design challenges. Several designs were developed and tested. With the assistance from a leading performance exhaust manufacture - the result is a design that features equal length primary tubes, high flowing merged collectors, and a fit and finish that is guaranteed to be factory perfect - since the jigs used to manufacture the headers are based on factory-new exhaust manifolds from Honda.

The ScienceofSpeed Advanced Exhaust Header System features no-compromise quality. Each tube is manufactured from T304 stainless steel and is mandrel bent by computer control to maintain exacting tolerances. Tubing is TIG welded with each runner back-purged with inert gas during the welding process. Where other manufactures use less expensive mild steel for flanges, all ScienceofSpeed Advanced Exhaust Header flanges are CNC cut from T304 stainless steel.

Save yourself from the headaches and expense of "cheap" imported headers that do not fit properly, utilize dubious material and welding quality that are prone to failure.

superior results:
The final production headers have been independently tested using protocol developed to exactly gauge and measure performance results. Factory original NSXes were baselined on a chassis dynamometer with sensor feedback normalized. Back to back testing was then completed on the same vehicle with the sensors set to the same normalized feedback. Testing runs were then repeated and mean averaged to eliminate any variable deviation.

  • 3.0L w/ ScienceofSpeed Endura Lite Exhuast: 27.8 whp
  • 3.2L w/ ScienceofSpeed Endura Lite Exhaust: 16.8 whp


  • dyno-tested proven results
  • unique full stainless steel construction
  • guaranteed factory fitment - fits properly from flange to flange, and will not hit the oil pan, cross member, or A/C compressor like other designs
  • plug and play oxygen sensor extensions - not need to cut up wires like other designs


The ScienceofSpeed Advanced Exhaust Headers include everything required for installation. 1991-94 applications use the same durable ball-pivot design as later model NSXes including stainless steel adapter tubes, ball socket gaskets, sealing rings, and spring bolt hardware. Professionally made oxygen sensor extensions are included for plug and play installation - no wire cutting required.

ScienceofSpeed Advanced Exhaust Headers - NSX, 1991-94 (M/T only)


ScienceofSpeed Advanced Exhaust Headers - NSX, 1995-99 (M/T only)


ScienceofSpeed Advanced Exhaust Headers - NSX, 2000-05 (M/T only)