AEM Multi-function Serial Datastream Gauge


The AEM Digital Serial Gauge is designed specificly for vehicles with the AEM EMS stand alone engine management system installed. This gauge connects to the AEM EMS's serial output to display any function that the AEM EMS reads from the engine.

AEM Serial Gauge has the ability to read 19 channels simultaneously to provide reference for all outputs, including boost, AFR, EGT, H2O, IAT, knock, volts, RPM, vehicle speed, and more! Since it can read all channels at once, AEM Serial Gauge eliminates the need to buy a cluster of gauges, or you can link multiple Serial Gauges together to monitor additional channels or to divide your readouts across a few gauges.

The gauge is programmable with a laptop computer to select which functions to display as well as what settings to set low and high warning points. The gauge offers two output wires to feed external LED or buzzers for warnings.

The gauge features a 52mm / 1 1/16" body and includes black and white faces as well as black and silver bezels to customize the gauge to fit your prefered look.

AEM Multi-function Serial Datastream Gauge