AEM F/IC Fuel/Ignition Controller & Adapter Harness


The AEM F/IC (fuel / ignition controller) is an economical solution for controlling fuel and ignition for forced induction applications. The FI/C works in conjunction with the factory ECU and makes fueling and ignition changes to suit the demands of supercharged and turbocharged NSXes. The F/IC is an option to the more robust AEM EMS, which is a complete standalone replacement for the factory ECU.

fuel and ignition control:
The F/IC allows direct control of the injector's pulse width allowing larger aftermarket injectors to be used. The F/IC also allows timing retard control by modifying the cam/crank sensor signals.

The F/IC has a built in MAP sensor. This accurate onboard MAP sensor allows for applications having up to 25 PSI manifold pressure. The F/IC has electronic voltage clamping for the factory MAP sensor to prevent service lights.

The main advantage of the F/IC is that it retains the on board diagnostic computer and retains the factory ECU for OBD2 check compliance.

The F/IC is programmed by laptop using a supplied USB connector.

The F/IC is designed for OBD2 applications (1995-2005). The F/IC may be used on earlier model OBD1 1991-1994 NSXes. However, since these cars do not allow scanning of short and long term fuel trims, the cars will need to be retested after initial tuning for part throttle conditions (idle, part throttle acceleration).

ScienceofSpeed offers an electrical harness that allows the FI/C to be installed with out modification to the factory electrical harness.

AEM F/IC Controller - NSX, 1991-05


AEM F/IC Controller Plug and Play Harness - NSX, 1991-94


AEM F/IC Controller Plug and Play Harness - NSX, 1995-2005