AEM Universal Inline Wideband UEGO Controller


The Inline Wideband UEGO gives all the benefits of the AEM Wideband Air/Fuel Gauges to those who do not require or want an additional gauge in the car. Perfect for engine management systems (provides a 0-5V output) like the AEM EMS allowing datalogging and O2 feedback for increased drivability and fuel economy. The AEM 30-0310 X-series Inline Wideband includes the fast action Bosch LSU4.9 sensor. 1 x UEGO wiring kit provides enough components to wire in 2 x UEGO devices.

The controller is weather proof and can be mounted anywhere in or outside the vehicle.

note for NSX (and other V6 or V8 engine applications): naturally aspirated, supercharged, and twin turbocharger applications require two inline wideband sensors for monitoring individual cylinder banks. Single turbochargers require one.

AEM Universal Inline Wideband UEGO Controller with Bosch LSU4.9


ScienceofSpeed UEGO Electrical Install Kit - NSX, 1991-05