gaugeART CAN Gauge


The gaugeART CAN Gauge is an innovative compact OLED gauge for displaying real-time data from your engine management system. Supported parameters such as boost pressure, air/fuel ratio, coolant temperature, fuel pressure, ethanol content, etc. can be displayed without additional sensors.

The high contrast OLED display is bright for interior use and dims at night. Configure 1, 2, or 4 gauge layouts on up to 10 different pages. Create customizable warning points, such as the coolant temperature being too high, which trigger a special warning screen and bright LED on the face of the gauge.

Easily customize your gaugeART CAN Gauge to display the data you want to see with the included gaugeART CAN Gauge App (requires Android 4.4 or later, Apple iOS to be supported in the future). The easy to use app works with your smartphone or tablet to wirelessly customize your gauge in minutes and is a lot easier than trying to configure your gauge with only buttons on the front! Check out this video to see how easy the configuration process is!

The gaugeART CAN Gauge is compatible with the following ECUs:


  • multi-function compact 52mm gauge in high quality injection molded housing
  • compatible with aftermarket & factory ECUs w/ OBD Link
  • configurable 1, 2, or 4 gauge layouts
  • configurable warning settings
  • OLED display dims at night when parking lights turn on
  • easy wireless configuration by smart phone or tablet with included app
  • connect two or more together


  • gaugeART CAN Gauge
  • mounting bracket & hardware
  • data & power cable


Cable options:
  • standard cable: the standard cable is 5′ long and includes two shielded pair wires (power, ground, CAN H, and CAN L) and one wire for illumination control. It is meant for ECUs or ECU harnesses with out specific CAN connectors – or for you to install your ECU’s CAN connector to. This cable is used with all ScienceofSpeed-manufactured harnesses for AEM Infinity, AEM EMS Series 2, and Hondata KPRO 4 ECUs.
  • ECU specific cables: for ECUs or ECU harnesses that have specific CAN connectors (AEM-manufactured harnesses for Infinity & ProEFI), these 5′ long cables have ECU specific connectors pre-installed. If you have a harness for an AEM Infinity not manufactured by AEM or ScienceofSpeed - check with that manufacture on what connector was installed.
  • extension cable: if your ECU is more than 5′ away from where your gauge will be mounted – an optional 5′ extension cable (total distance 10′) is available.
  • daisy chain cable: if you will be using more than one gaugeART CAN Gauge – an optional 8″ daisy chain cable will link the two gauges together.
Fuse box connectors:
  • The gaugeART CAN Gauge needs power, ground, and illumination connections. The factory fuse box has connections available for power and illumination. Standard 1/4" female spade connectors or optional fuse box connectors for power and illumination (two needed) may be used.
gaugeART CAN Gauge



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