Race Technology DASH2PRO Display Unit


The DASH2PRO brings all the features of the DASH2 plus on board features, which are enabled optionally - pick which options you need, don't pay for the ones you do not.

  • built in GPS (for lap timing & track mapping) - optional
  • built in telemetry logging (for datalogging) - optional
  • GoPro camera control and overlay - optional
  • extra 4 analog inputs (for a total of 8) - optional

The DASH2PRO Display Unit is a street legal professional grade display that works either stand alone (with the factory ECU and sensors) or with stand alone engine management systems like the AEM EMS.

The DASH2PRO is a slimline, water resistant (IP65) data display system, with a custom LCD screen and a diecast aluminum enclosure for use either as a standalone unit or with our range of data logging products. With configurable display screens, independent alarms and the ability to accept signals from up to six external sensors (2 pulse for tach/speed, and 4 analog - coolant, fuel level, oil pressure, etc) when used in standalone mode, the DASH2 can be tailored to fit almost any automotive display application. With a suitable ECU adaptor the DASH2 can even receive and display data directly from your engine management system (see below).

Analog sensor integration:
In addition to engine speed and wheel speed, the DASH2 supports 4 analog sensors (such as fuel level, oil temp, oil press, water temperature, fuel pressure, etc.) A total of 8 may be used (with optional purchase of 4 additional inputs below). These may be used with factory sensors where available, or by using separate external sensors. You may greatly expand the analog sensor capability by adding the DL1 datalogger or by using with the AEM EMS.

AEM EMS integration:

The Race Technology DASH2PRO allows full integration with the AEM EMS. This allows the sensors that the AEM EMS reads to be displayed on the dash with out having to run wiring between the dash and ECU for each sensor. The following variables are supported with DASH2: engine speed, throttle, air temp, coolant temp, O2 1, O2 2, and 7 optional analog inputs.

Race Technology DASH2PRO (basic)


Race Technology Dash2Pro Bundle (GPS, Logging, Accel)


Race Technology DASH2PRO upgrade: CAN input (AEM EMS Series 2, Infinity, etc)


Race Technology DASH2PRO upgrade: additional 4 inputs (8 total)


Race Technology GoPro Camera Control & Video Overlay


Race Technology Serial Interface (AEM EMS Series 1)