ScienceofSpeed E85 FlexFuel System - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed introduces a plug and play E85 FlexFuel System for the NSX.

In addition to its performance and environmental benefits, E85 fuel has become very popular with enthusiasts. The fuel can be used to produce significantly more power from super and turbocharged engines at a fraction of the cost of high octane race fuel.

E85 is a blend of ethanol and gasoline. Despite pumps being labeled "E85" the actual ethanol content can vary 70-85% depending on the season. The amount of fuel required for the engine to safely operate depends on the content of ethanol in the fuel.

The ScienceofSpeed E85 FlexFuel system adds a composition sensor that communicates the percentage of ethanol in the fuel to your engine management system. Based on the sensor's reading, the ECU will then vary fuel, ignition, and boost level automatically and seamlessly to the driver.

The system eliminates the need to completely drain your fuel tank every time you want to switch from gasoline to E85 - allowing the ECU to compensate for different ethanol content no mater what percentage happens to be in the tank.

The system is designed to work seamlessly in-line with the factory fuel system and includes a stainless steel bracket that mounts the sensor in a factory location up and above the bottom of the frame rail. No drilling or modification of the car is required to install!


  • fuel composition sensor
  • stainless steel mounting bracket & fasteners
  • AN fittings & conversion fittings
  • electrical connector, wiring, and electrical terminals
  • E85 compliant hose & hose clamps


  • FlexFuel compatible ECU (AEM Series 2 EMS or AEM Infinity recommended)
ScienceofSpeed E85 FlexFuel System - NSX, 1991-05